Different kinds of Dog Beds

Searching for the perfect dog bed for your pet dog is not a simple task considering that there are numerous of it accessible on the market. So how could you figure out what makes the other bed worse than or great than the other one? Below are a few tips that we could share to be able to assist you, telling which among the dog beds available is the best and eventually get the perfect one for your pet which will make him use it.

In choosing the best size of dog bed, there are some aspects that should be taken into an account. You need to know these aspects before you begin your search so that you could surely find the best dog bed for your dog. Sizes of dog beds come from extra small to a large size of beds. They also have weight tips listed in the descriptions also, which is why it is important to know these stats on your own dog. We also outline the most common styles of dog beds so that you can easily compare each one of these from the other. Each style has its positives and negatives.

The Standard Dog Bed

Standard dog beds has a shape of a large square pillow. They come in many different sizes and some might have a zipper cover for easy washing which is a plus since dogs can be notoriously sloppy. For dogs who likes making some stretches while on the bed, this standard pillow is right for them since it does not have some “edges”.

Kennel or Crate Beds

Crate training is much more popular now than it was decades ago and a lot of dogs love to sleep in their crates as well as go there voluntarily, even when the door is left open. Several beds could fit just perfectly into the crates allowing your dogs to rest conveniently soft beds and not on a hard surface. Your dog will feel more special and comfy in their crates since kennel or crate can come with water-resistant materials.

Orthopedic Beds

These orthopedic dog beds are perfect for those who are senior dogs. Orthopedic beds for dogs are similar with orthopedic beds for human beings. They are created to help reduce the ache they might have in their joints from arthritis or dysplasia. Orthopedic bed for dogs are created from memory foam the same with what human beds are made from. Memory foam beds are not just fitting for senior dogs but to other dogs also since they could use it long term. If you made a decision to pick memory foam, you should check the thickness of the foam, its density level as well as the warranty which serves as your assurance against flattening.

Dog Couch

If your dog appears to prefer the “human” furniture instead of their own bed, you may be interested in getting a dog couch. This adorable little furniture is like miniatures of the real ones and perfect for your dogs but your children might like them too. There are lots of different forms of dog couches on the market, from simple cushion designs to couches with wooden legs and pillows. They’re not typically a great idea for senior dogs because they are harder to get onto and can result in a fall.

Heated Dog Beds

These dog beds come with walls in its bed perimeter, therefore it is perfect for dogs who loves to sleep in a curling position. This will work as your perfect choice when you think that your dog really likes an enclosed area. These are normally oval than round more like a “nest” having enough space in the center. Unless they are not too large, this won’t be great for them simply because they could move side to side or even stretch out.

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